Pilates Classes and Reformer Sessions with Meghan Ash

Pilates Description: 

Pilates is a method of strength and flexibility training which can be done by someone at any fitness level. Not only does Basics offer group Pilates classes that are included in your membership, we also have a pilates studio for individual reformer work. Helping to promote a feeling of physical and mental well-being allowing for physical awareness, Pilates is instrumental in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries, improving posture and increasing flexibility, circulation and balance. Regular practice of these exercises can develop better body alignment, improve concentration, strengthen and lengthen the muscles without adding bulk.

Please try a pilates class and introduce yourself to Meghan. She can show you the reformers and how they work!

Reformer Individual sessions: 

$60 for 60 minute session or 5 session package for $250 (save $10 per session!).

aBout mEGHAN:

Meghan grew up in mid-coast Maine where she began dancing ballet at age three. Through her dance career she was introduced to Pilates as a way of rehabilitating her body. She began her instructor training in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, working as an apprentice for master instructor Bernie Nelson, founder of the Pilates Round Table. Throughout her training she worked closely with physical therapists and took extensive courses in anatomy and kinesiology. She is a certified instructor and teaches our group fitness pilates classes as well as individual sessions on the reformers.


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