In March of 2017, Basics Member Pat received a life-changing diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure and kidney failure. Congestive Heart Failure, or CHF, is defined as a chronic condition in which the heart does not pump blood as well as it should. Tests showed that Pat's ejection fraction, which is the amount of blood leaving the heart with each beat, was only 24%. This is a very low number when compared to a normal ejection fraction of 55%-70%. 

As soon as Pat received the "OK" to return to exercise, she began by joining the Heart Health Program. Over the past 4 months, Pat has worked incredibly hard to progress her exercise and switche over to a plant-based diet. In addition to the Heart Health Program, Pat has returned to Lifeline classes and is exercising independently. The most recent tests show that Pat's ejection fraction has increased to 60%!

A commitment to a regular exercise routine at Basics has the power to transform lives! Way to go Pat!