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All of our fitness professionals are certified and have 4 year degrees in the field of health and fitness.


Connect with others, start moving, take charge of your health and your future.

Meet Our Members

Success Stories at Basics Fitness

Member Michelle


Michelle Joined Basics nearly one year ago at the recommendation of her doctor. She was very motivated as she had just been told she would need to carry oxygen 24/7 unless she could improve her oxygen saturation numbers through exercise...

Member Chris


Basics member Chris joined in October of 2016. Although she was exercising regularly, Chris was not seeing the weight loss results that she had hoped for...

Member Pat


In March of 2017, Basics member Pat received a life-changing diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure and kidney failure. Tests showed that Pat's ejection fraction was only 24% compared to a normal ejection fraction of 55%-70%...